Gustavus Adolphus College

Christ Chapel Organ

St Peter, MN


Builder: Hendrickson Organ Co (1999)

Originally: Hillgreen, Lane & Co (1961)

Manuals: 4

Stops: 67

Ranks: 55

Action: Electro-pneumatic pitman chests

Notes: The organ is in gallery-level chambers at the rear of the room. Traditional style console with roll top. The console is movable.

Drawknobs in vertical rows on angled jambs. Balanced swell shoes/pedals, standard AGO placement. AGO Standard (concave radiating) pedalboard. Crescendo Pedal. Combination action thumb pistons. Combination action toe studs. Coupler reversible toe studs

--Information from the Organ Historical Society, David Fienen

Last Update: 10/2012


16 Geigen Principal

8 Geigen Principal

8 Principal

8 Gedeckt

4 Octave

4 Spitzflöte

2 Super Octave

2-2/3 Twelfth

IV Mixture 2

8 Kornet V (pf)

8 Trumpet

   Sw to Gt 8, 4

   Ch to Gt 16, 8

   So to Gt 8, 4


16 Bourdon

8 Gedeckt

8 Viol

8 Céleste

4 Principal

4 Koppelflöte

2 Piccolo

1 Sifflöte

IV Mixture

16 Posaune

8 Trumpet

8 Oboe

8 Vox Humana

4 Clarion


   So to SW 8

   Sw to Sw 4

   Unison Off


8 Diapason

8 Gedeckt

8 Dulciana (tc)

4 Principal

4 Nachthorn

2 Octave

2-2/3 Nazard

1 Super Octave

1-3/5 Tierce

1-1/3 Larigot

1/2 Twenty-Ninth

8 Cornet V

8 Clarinet


   Unison Off

   Gt to Ch 4

   Sw to Ch 8, 4

   So to Ch 8, 4


8 Major Trumpet

III Cymbal

4 Principal

SOLO ORGAN II (enclosed)

8 Doppelflöte

4 Flute Harmonique

4 Harmonic Flute

16 Erzähler

8 Erzähler

4 Erzähler

   Solo to solo 4


The organ in Christ Chapel was installed when the Chapel was built. It was contracted through Byron Arneson from Hillgreen-Lane. This was the largest instrument they ever produced. There are six divisions: Great, Swell, Choir, Pedal, and a divided Solo. The organ is controlled by a four-manual console. The Great now has an electro-mechanical chest, with the rest of the instrument using electro-pneumatic chests. The original installation included an Antiphonal division underneath the Chancel in the basement, but many of the pipes of that division have been incorporated into the main organ. The console was replaced in 1989 with a new solid state console built by Roger Colby and installed by Hendrickson Organ Company.

On March 29, 1998, an F4 Tornado moved directly through the campus and town, damaging all buildings on campus, including Christ Chapel. As a result of that damage, considerable repairs were needed to the Chapel Organ, including replacing the Great wind chest, replacing the keyboards in the console, cleaning the entire instrument, especially the reeds, and numerous other smaller repairs. These repairs were completed by Hendrickson Organ Company in August, 1999.

Even though this is the largest organ built by Hillgreen-Lane, about 1/4 of it was prepared for and never installed.  This is one reason the chambers are so large.

Updated through on-line information from Dwight Thompson. -- I and my wife Dorothy Thompson installed this organ in 1961 and 1962 and completed the tonal finishing in 1962. I was an employee of Arneson Organs Inc of Golden Valley MN. Byron Arneson was the designer of this organ and midwest representative of Hillgreen-Lane. The installation was done while the chapel was still under construction in 1961. Dr Alwert was the head of the Organ Department and collaborated with Mr Arneson on the design. The original contract called for 53 ranks in the balcony, but before the installation started a donation enabled the addition of an antiphonal section in a room below the platform speaking through an opening in the floor to the right of the altar. The antiphonal brought the total count of ranks to 75. When Hendrickson made changes to this organ, I believe he eliminated the antiphonal and combined some of its ranks into the main chambers in the balcony. Pipes were made by Robert Schoppe of Alliance Ohio. Great chorus and swell/pedal Fagotti were voiced by Paul Beiber of Chicago. Other swell, great and solo reeds were voiced by Robert Schoppe, with some completed by Paul Beiber after Robert Schoppe suffered a heart attack. Flue stops other than great chorus were voiced by Frank Hillgreen. Great, choir, swell and solo chambers have 90 degree opening vertical shutters powered by double pneumatic engines mounted above the chambers. The engines were built by Klann Organ Supply of Bluefield West Virginia. The instrument originally included a capture style remote combination action supplied by Compton Organ company of Liverpool, England. This was replaced by a remote preset combination action before the changes made by Hendrickson.


32 Contrabourdon

16 Diapason

16 Bourdon

16 Subbass

16 Geigen Principal

16 Erzähler

8 Octave

8 Bourdon

8 Gedeckt

8 Geigen Principal

8 Erzähler

4 Super Octave

4 Bourdon

4 Rohrschalmei

VI Mixture

16 Bombard

8 Bombard

32 Contraposaune

16 Posaune

8 Trumpet

4 Clarion

   Sw to Ped 8

   Gt to Ped 8

   Ch to Ped 8

   So to Ped 8

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