Bethlehem Lutheran Church

601 Fourth Avenue

Two Harbors, MN 55616

Builder: Ahlborn-Galanti (2000)
Originally: Ulm Orgelwerk (1980s)
Originally: Estey Organ Co (Opus 2157, 1923)
Manuals: 2
Action: Electro-pneumatic and digital.
--Information from the Organ Historical Society. Photo from the church website. Additional information from Samuel Black.
Last Update: 10/2012

16 Bourdon (Ped)
8 Principal 61 pipes
8 Rohrflote 61 
8 Dulciana 61
4 Octave 61
4 Waldflote 61
2 Flachflote 61
II Mixtur (Sw)

8 Holz Gedackt 61
8 Salicional 61
8 Celeste tc 49 
4 Gemshorn 61
2-2/3 Nazat 61
2 Nachtorn 61
1-3/5 Terz ta 49
8 Oboe-gamba tc 49

16 Subbass 12
16 Bourdon 32
8 Octavebass 32
8 Gedacktbass 12
4 Choralbass 12
4 Gedacktflote 17
II Rauschbass (Sw)
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Because of the electro-pneumatic internal challenges, the Estey organ was retired in 1999/2000, and replaced with an Ahlborn - Galanti Chronicler III.  The pipe chambers were emptied, insulated (for the very first time!), and refurbished pipe racks were re-installed, along with a complex array of Ahlborn - Galanti speakers. All of the pipes and wind chests were connected to the new console, and one particular rocker lever started the blower and engaged the pipe organ. When it was in tune, it was a nice liveness to the digital sound. When it needed tuning, it was better to go with the full complement of the Chronicler III. To the best of my knowledge, the organ is currently very underplayed. I have probably not sat at the console for the past five years.

Samuel Black    Organist -1995 - 1998

This document was prepared on 12 August, 2014.