Builder: Wicks Organ Co

Manuals: 2

Action: Wicks Direct Electric(©) chests.

Notes: 1976/1980/1998/2003

When St. Paul's moved from Lowertown to "The Hill" they took everything they could from the old building for use in the new one, including pews, chancel furnishings, and stained glass. The new building was designed by Emmanuel Masqueray.

The Lowertown church had a pipe organ by a New York builder. That instrument was put in storage at the time of the move, but they couldn't afford to install it in the new church, and it was sold to pay for the storage fee.

--Information and photos from Charles Hackman

Last Update: 9/2009


8 Principal+

8 Holzgedeckt

4 Octave

4 Hohlflute+

2 Cone Flute+

II Cornet+

IV Mixture+


8 Rohrflöte

8 Salicional*

8 Voix Celeste*

4 Principal*

4 Spindle Flute+

2 Principal

8 Trumpet


St Paul’s-on-the-Hill Episcopal Church

1524 Summit Avenue

St Paul, MN

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16 Subbass

8 Principal

8 Rohrflöte (Sw)

4 Octave (ext)

4 Spindle Flute+ (Sw)

16 Trumpet (ext Sw)

4 Klarine (Sw)

Wicks organ installed during the tenure of Leo Hock.

*During the tenure of Philip Steen, Additions to Swell: Strings and Principal 4’ (Wicks, new)

+During the tenure of Nils Halker, Gt. wind pressure increased from 2.25”. Scale of Principal 8 above façade pipes increased by one note, Mixture moved to a common toeboard and revoiced. Additions to Great: Hohlflute 4’ (Schantz, original instrument unknown) Cone Flute 2’ (former Swell 4’ flute) Cornet II (2 ranks revoiced, maker[s] and original instrument[s] unknown)

Addition to Swell: Spindle Flute 4’ (Austin, Cathedral of St.Vibiana, Los Angeles)

--Information from Charles Hackman