James J. Hill Mansion

260 Summit Avenue

St Paul, MN


Builder: Geo S Hutchings (Opus: 229, 1889)

Manuals: 2

Ranks: 17

Action: Slider chests, mechanical action

Notes: This house is a museum operated by Minnesota Historical Society. The museum received a grant for the restoration of the organ in 1985.

Updated through online information from Stephen Hall. -- According to the Minnesota Historical Society website, the organ is not currently in good condition, the leather needs replacing and there are cracks in the wood pipes. The society is seeking funds to restore the instrument. (website accessed Sept 2011) (Database Manager. 2011-09-23)

-- Information from Charles Hendrickson, photos from the Minnesota History Society.

Last Update: 3/2014


8 Open Diapason

8 Melodia

8 Viola di Gamba

4 Octave

4 Flute d’amour

2 Fifteenth

8 Dulciana


8 Geigen Principal

8 Stopped Diapason

8 Quintadena

8 Aeoline

4 Flute Harmonique

2 Flautino

8 Oboe


16 Bourdon

Gt to Ped

Sw to Ped

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