Builder: Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd.

(Opus: 86, 2008)

Manuals: 2

Ranks: 24

Action: Mechanical

--Information from Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd.

Last Update: 3/2009


16 Bourdon

8 Prestant

8 Chimney Flute

4 Octave

2 Fifteenth

1-1/3 Mixture IV

Swell to Great

Solo on Great


8 Bourdon

8 Viole

8 Viole Celeste

4 Principal

4 Flute

2-2/3 Nasard

2 Piccolo

1-3/5 Tierce

8 Trumpet

8 Oboe


Solo on Swell

SOLO (floating)

8 Harmonic Flute

8 Flauto Dolce

8 Flute Celeste

8 Trumpet

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Chapel Organ

12th & Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, MN


16 Subbass

16 Bourdon (Great)

8 Principal

8 Bass Flute (from Subbass)

4 Octave (from Principal)

16 Trombone (extension of Solo)

8 Trumpet (Solo)

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Solo on Pedal

Mechanical key action for Great and Swell

Electric key action for Solo and Pedal

Electric stop action and multi-level combination action.

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