Cathedral Church of St Mark, Episcopal

519 Oak Grove Street

Minneapolis, MN 55403



1871 - E. & G.G. Hook Op. 581

1928 - Welte Organ Co

1929 - Welte-Tripp

1930 - Kimball Organ Co (Antiphonal)

1953 - Aeolian-Skinner (Sw Trumpet)

1961 - M.P. Möller (Console) Op. M-13082

1965 - M.P. Möller Op. R-738

1976 - M.P. Möller Opus M-8399

1983 - Gould and Schultz

Manuals: 4

Divisions: 7

Action: Electropneumatic

--Organ Historical Society Organ Database. Stoplist from

Jeff Scofield. Additional information from David Engen,

St Mark’s Curator and Canon Musician, Howard Don Small.

Photo from Richard Rasch.

Last Update: 3/2009

In 1976, Howard Don Small, organist at St. Mark's Cathedral from 1971 to 1998, arranged to add a French-type trompette to the swell division, place two ranks of principal pipework in the choir division, and add a 32-foot bombarde octave to the pedal division.

As part of the celebration of the 125th year of St. Mark's, the organ was completed in 1983. The long-awaited positiv division was installed on the west side of the chancel, a principal chorus was added to the antiphonal division, and a two-manual console was placed in the gallery. These additions were designed, built and installed by the firm of Gould and Sons, Inc...There are four blowers, one to main organ, one to positiv, one to gallery, and a small high-pressure blower for the festival trumpet.

Between 1993 and 1995, Gould and Schultz, Inc. completed a major refurbishing of the instrument, including a thorough cleaning of all the pipes, a revoicing of the swell reeds, a releathering of the reservoirs in the front organ, and a releathering of the shade actions.  In 1996, under the supervision of Canon Musician Howard Don Small, the Schantz Organ Company of Orrville, Ohio, replaced the aging Moller console with a new four-manual solid-state console. Provided as well was a remote and portable one-manual console without pedal designed for playing in continuo in instrumental ensembles. The latter's keyboard contains six general pistons that duplicate the first six on the main console.

[ed. note] The high-pressure festival trumpet in the gallery was installed and voiced by Timothy Patterson.  The Vestry declared the trumpet too loud and it was banished to the antiphonal chamber. Through some quirk of acoustics, a row of pews near the back of the church got an especially loud dose of the Festival Trumpet. It was nicknamed “death row”.


[Bit of trivia from Nils Halker]  I just picked up another bit of trivia about St Mark's Cathedral.  I had known that the Clarinet in the Antiphonal was from an E.M. Skinner, but I just learned the full story.

It is from the Opus 283 that was installed in 1917 in Sixth Church of Christ Scientist, just down the road from St Mark's.  Shortly before the building was to be demolished, Don Small drove over on a snowy day and loaded the clarinet into his hatchback and drove it over to St Mark's. It was installed in 1983 as part of the Gould & Schultz expansion/rebuild.

The M.P. Möller Company

The Cathedral Church of St Mark. Minneapolis, MN

September 1, 1976





PRESENT Möller CONSOLE (M-13082, 1961)


Present console to be used without change except draw knobs need for tonal changes and additions.


Install new pipes and/or actions as required to carry out tonal changes and additions according to specifications. Rework or install new toeboard/rackboard assembly for Choir 1-1/3 Larigot.




(Numbering refers to original specification)

GREAT ORGAN Unenclosed

  1. 8.2 Waldflöte, new pipes; present 2-2/3 Twelfth action 61


  1. 23.2 Principal, new pipes; present 2 Flautino action 61

  2. 26.8 French Trompette, new pipes; present 8 Oboe action 68


  1. 32.4 Principal, new pipes; present 8 Erzähler action 68

  2. 33.1-1/3 Larigot, new pipes; present 8 Erzähler Céleste action 61


84 32 Bombard (1/2 L), new pipes and action; 20 from #85, 32

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