First Unitarian Society

900 Mount Curve

Minneapolis, MN


Builder: Holtkamp Organ Co (Opus 1750, 1961)

Manuals: 3

Ranks: 35

Action: Electropneumatic

--Information from the church and from the Organ Historical Society Organ Database.

--Additional information from David Engen

Last Update: 2009


16 Quintadena

8 Principal

8 Gedackt

4 Octave

2 Doublette

IV Mixture

8 Trumpet


8 Chimney Flute

8 Dulcian

4 Gemshorn

2 Flautino

II Sesquialtera

8 Schalmey


8 Copula

4 Rohrflöte

2 Principal

1-1/3 Quinte

III Cymbal

8 Cromorne

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16 Subbass

16 Quintadena

8 Flauto Dolce

4 Choralbass

IV Mixture

16 Fagott

8 Dulzian

An item of interest: Professor Heinrich Fleischer was employed by the Society to be a consultant in the design and building of the First Unitarian Society organ.  When asked to recommend an organist he offered himself to fill the position.  He became, he stated, probably the only Twin Cities Unitarian organist who was also a direct descendant of Martin Luther. --Gregory Nilsson