St James Catholic Church

1204 Saint James Court

Madison, WI 53715

Builder: J.C. Taylor & Co (1987)

Originally: Wadsworth Organ Co (1867)

Manuals: 3


Ranks: 34

Action: Slider chests, mechanical action

Notes: Relocated through the Organ Clearing House, this organ was completely rebuilt by J.C. Taylor & Co. for St. James Catholic Church, Madison, Wisconsin. Casework modification allowed for the rose window to retain its prominence. The Pedal division flue pipes are early 20th century American replacements necessitated by the total destruction of the originals in shipping and subsequent long storage by a previous purchaser (who subsequently decided to sell the organ). The organ was featured at the 1990 Organ Historical Society (OHS) Wisconsin Convention.

--Information and photos from “Pipedreams” website, and Mark Miller.

Last Update: 4/2014


16 Bourdon

8 Opan Diapason

8 Rohrgedact

8 Gamba

4 Principal

4 Harmonic Flute

2-2/3 + 1-3/5 Twelfth/ Seventeenth*

2i+ III Fifteenth/Mixture*

8 Trumpet

8 Oboe


16 Lieblich Bourdon

8 Open Diapason

8 Stopt Diapason

8 Viola

8 Voix Celestes tc

4 Gemshorn

2 Harmonic Piccolo

III Mixture

8 Cornopean


8 Gedact

8 Violoncello

8 Dulciana

4 Wald Flute

8 Clarionet  tc


16 Open Diapason

16 Bourdon

8 Octave

16 Trombone *

* New 1987

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