St Wendelin Catholic Church

22714 State Highway 15
Luxemburg, MN 56301

Builder: Unknown (1860-1898)
Believed to be by H. Pilcher (1845)
Manuals: 1
Stops: 7
Ranks: 7
Action: Mechanical

Notes:  From the church’s 150th centennial book four years ago..."The parish purchased a large sweet-toned pipe organ from a theater in Mpls. in 1898. Experts say the organ was built around 1845, probably by the firm of H. Pilchers (sic) of Louisville, KY. It is considered the oldest functioning organ of its kind in the state of Minnesota.The historic organ can still be found high in the choir loft of St. Wendelin Church, accompanying the voices of the choir each weekend and for special services. The organ is of interest to many visitors and historical groups today. The organ was awarded an OHS preservation certificate.
The organ was modified in the 1970's to be more practical and useful. The original pedal pipes were removed and replaced by pipes from another organ. The original pedal chest and wind supply (pump handle and feeder bellows) were removed, probably at the time the electric blower was installed. The ivory keys were overlaid with plastic. These changes made the organ more efficient and operational for the times, but removed some original components of historical importance. However, all the original components were stored and are in good condition." --
--Information from the Organ Historical Society Archive and from the church. Photos from the church website.
Last Update: 4/2013

MANUAL (54 notes, GG-AA-f3)
8' Open Diapason
8' Stop'd Diapason Bass (currently draws both bass and treble)
8' Dulciana (TC)
4' Principal
4' Flute (original Stop'd Diapason treble)
2' Fifteenth

Manual to Pedal coupler
Machine-stop drawing/retiring Principal and Fifteenth
PEDAL (13 notes, C-c)
16' Bourdon