Luther College

Jenson/Noble Hall of Music - Sundt Organ Studio
Decorah, IA 52101

Builder: Hendrickson Organ Co., Op. 10, 1971.
Manuals: 2
Ranks: 35
Stops: 25
Action: Mechanical key/slider chests/electric stop

Notes: Information from Samuel Libra: The Hauptwerk (notated as Great on organ) Trompette stops were originally part of a separate windchest controlled by electrical action. When the organ was removed from the Koren Chapel and moved to the music building, the 16' and 4' Trompette extensions were removed. The  Trompette was added to the mechanical action. According to the Luther college organ web page, the organ is 25 stops, 37 ranks rather than the 26 stops and 34 ranks described on the OHS page. Information and photo from Hendrickson Organ Co. Organ Historical Society as of 2012.
From David Engen: Originally installed in Koren Chapel/library reading room (pictures below) with a flotation system that was rarely used. The chamade trumpet was on higher pressure and electrically available on the Great at 16', 8' 4' and Pedal at 8', 4', 2'. There was an electric Swell to Great coupler. All of the electric contacts were problematic from the start. John Martin and I disassembled the organ in Koren to move it to Jensen, and only then did we use the flotation system to move the organ to the middle of the room for better access. That system was removed and the a new pedal action occupied that space. It was changed to a long roller board, replacing the original wire and pulley system. Pallet size was reduced and de-aerating valves were replaced with bleed holes, improving the heavy key action such that the electric coupler could be removed. The trumpet was revoiced on lower pressure and plays from a new slider added to the bottom of the Great chest. The Kegelpfeife was added after I had seen one at the Laukhuff factory in 1975. The Swell shades are made of double panes of glass with an air space between. When the Casavant organ was installed at First Lutheran, two ranks from the old organ were repurposed into the Pedal at 8' and 2'. There are still preparations in the Swell for a 4' Principal and Pedal for a 32' Harmonics. Originally voiced by Robert Sperling. Photos courtesy of Bill Kuhlman, emeritus Luther faculty.

16 Quintade
8 Prestant
8 Rohrflöte
4 Octave
4 Kegelpfeife
2 Waldflöte
2-2/3 Sesquialter II
1-1/3 Mixture IV-VI
8 Trompette

8 Gedackt
8 Spitzgamba
8 Schwebung
4 Spillflöte
2 Prinzipal
1.1/3 Quintflöte
2/3 Scharf IV
16 Dulzian
8 Schalmey

16 Subbass
8 Spitzprestant
8 Gedackt
4 Nachthorn
2 Blockflöte
2.2/3 Rauschpfeife II
16 Fagott